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Low voltage switch cabinet

概述 General

新型低压抽出式开关柜适用于三相交流频率为50Hz,额定工作电压为400V ( 690V),额定电流为4000A及以下的发、供电系统中,作为动力、配电和电动机集中控制、电容补偿之用。广泛应用于发电厂、石油、化工、冶金、纺织、高层建筑等场所,本产品符合IEC60439-1、GB7251.1、 JB/T9661 等标准。可实现或替代MNS、GCS、GCK柜型的所有方案,用户可根据需要选配组合,是目前行业中从生产到应用都有重大创新的低压抽出式新型柜体。

New-type low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is applicable for the power generation and supply system with three-phase AC frequency of 50Hz,rated working voltage of 400V (690V) and rated current of 4000A (or below) for power, distribution, motor control and capacitance compensation. It is widely used in power station, petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, textile, and high-rise buildings, and meets the IEC60439-1, GB7251.1 and JB/T966 1 standards. The switchgear can realize or replace all schemes of MNS, GCS and GCK switchgears, being new low-voltage withdrawable switchgear in the industry with significant production and application innovation, which can be selected and combined as per the customer demands.

结构说明  Structure Description


2、新型小型手拉式推进机构应用于1/2、1/4 抽屉单元,具有三位置锁定、显示、合闸联锁位置辅助电源功能,开关再扣复位功能;



1. New-type hand -operated push mechanism (manual and electrical operation) in the way of multi-circle effort- saving push can be used in unitdrawer to realize the relaxed, flexible and smooth push and remove of drawer. Three-position switch is equipped with the function of mechanical positioning and display, as well as position voice prompt. The three-and four-pole drawer pushing 630A is relaxed and flexible; closing interlocking has the function of re-trip resetting with advanced pushing and interlocking technology.

2. New-type tiny manual pushing mechanism applies 1/2 and 1/4 drawer unit with the functions of three-position locking, display, closing interlocking position assistance, and switch re-trip resetting.

3. New-type pushing interlocking mechanism can display separation, test and connection position, and synchronize electrical terminal and position.

4. Vertical channel: It can select half function board and iron rectangular channel to facilitate exchange.

主要特点  Main Features






6、抽屉分为1/4 单元抽屉、1/2 单元抽屉和全宽度抽屉(抽屉高度: 6E 8E 12E 16E 24E,E=25mm),所有零部件采用模具一次成型,真正实现同规格抽屉100%互换。

7、仪表板采用开启式空心结构,方便元器件安装、接线及检测,元器件安装空间增大,能满足96mm x 96mm外形的数显表安装,还可以安装其它灯钮等元件,空心处用钢板制作,方便制造开孔;


1. Frame is in combined structure with the main frame made of C-steel;

2. Each switchgear is divided into three compartments, namely horizontal bus compartment, drawer compartment and cable compartment. Compartments are divided by steel plate or high-stress flame-resistance plastic board, and the upper and lower drawers are divided by metal plates with vent holes to effectively prevent arcing caused by fault of switch element or the accident caused by short circuit of bus and other lines;

3. Compact design: Contain many function units with small space;

4. The structural components have the characteristics of strong commonality and high flexibility for assembly; taking E=25mm as module, the structural and withdrawable units can be combined randomly to meet system design requirements;

5. The drawer adopts the process of double-fold locating slot riveting by rivet which avoids the rag caused by plat or hand damage caused by selftapping screw.

6. Drawers are divided into 1/4, 1/2 and overall-width drawer (height: 6E, 8E, 12E, 16E, 24E, E=25mm). All the components are produced by mould at a time to realize the 100% exchange of drawers in the same specification.

7. Instrument panel is in the open hollow structure to facilitate element installation, wiring and detection. The installation space of element is enlargedto enable the installation of data display instrument (96mm x 96mm), and can also install other elements such as lamp knob. Hollow places are provided with steel plate to facilitate hole opening.

8. Switchgear protection grade is IP4X;